Friday, July 19, 2019

There's a nazi fascist in the midst of this band, but they don't care. It's all 'bout groovin'

I fucking hate double standards and people giving a double message.
Some people has reached extreme extents of unawareness and reduced their morality to the lowest standards you can fathom. Take the members of Miami based band "Suenalo", for example.
A few days ago, they posted a very nice unifying message towards the LGBTQ community. A very nice message of tolerance and equality... (find the whole exchange below) However, I found it a bit unsencere, since one of his members, #juanito, a white nazi fascist republican gringo (with a hispanic last name, which he believes makes him "latino", LOL), once was wearing ON STAGE a T Shirt with Che Guevara's face and the caption FAG. Of course I told him that if he thinks that T Shirt reflects who Guevara was, he really needs to research Guevara. His answer? "Oh, you like him because he's Argentinean"1 And me "No, man. There's a large list of argentinians that I dislike. Videla 2 for example. Or Maradona. I dislike Maradona. Especially when he talks. Definitely not when he plays soccer." In such conversation #juanito shared with me that all his views of the world, Cuba and the country where he lives, from his father. So, I don't need to really dig too much to find out where his brain poison comes from. But that wasn't the whole issue, since the caption, as I mentioned before, was FAG. But, he's a "proud cuban/ american, patriot, etc etc", so he IS entitled to use that word because he uses it "correctly". So, back to "Tócalo's" post about #pride...
I'm sorry if I find them insincere.

So, one of their members, Adrian Gonzalez, who for some reason, insists on trying to apollogize for his nazi friend (since his nazi friend has hidden under a rock, when his feet are held to the fire, probably because he's not as equipped to argue with me, like he thought he was) by becoming the speaker of the band. I actually think that the reason as to such "protection" (only a coward needs someone else's protection) is the gigs. They just don't want to jeopardize "gig sources". Pathetic.
And while doing this, he deliberately used my real name in the post. Fine. I can't make him not do that. So, Adrian Gonzalez, decided that we shall use our real names. So be it. I'm cool.

What would be of the spoke person of Suénalo, if it wasn't for misdirection, whataboutism and straw man fallacies, huh?
Unfortunately, my issue is against nazism, fascism and racism. Your beloved juan happens to support this nazi fascist racist administration. So, if that doesn't make him a nazi, fascist racist, at best, it makes him a fascist, nazi and a racist enabler. And you shelter him. Because you are "all about the groove"?
If that's the best you've got...
Me: Guys, that guy's kind of a fascist.
You: Yeah, we head butt a lot. We totally disagree. But we're all about groovin', baby.
Me: Yeah... Groovin nice. But... Don't you care about those families being separated in the border for the president this guy STILL supports?
You: Yeah, but we're all about groovin'. No matter who is in charge.
Me: Yeah, groovin's nice. But the guy in charge has been caught doing some shady stuff, like assaulting women, vilifying LGBTQ, women, muslims, immigrants and above everything else, LYING to the people. This guy was supported by people like your guy in the band. As a consequence, a lot of people are suffering,
You: Yeah. They suffer and all that. And yes, we know juan like this guy and as a consequence a lot of people suffer daily... But who cares? Since it's all about groovin' regardless who is in charge of this "circus".
And obviously, you can't be all about groovin' and moral, at the same time, right?
(BTW, I have one of those beautiful posts that juan wrote about me, when he thought I wasn't looking (he being so courageous and all) and he said "why doesn't he go back to his Argentina?". So, he can say FAG and he can tell me to "go back to my country", but he's not a nazi. (Oh! The double standards!!)

But again, and related to THIS post about #pride...
I am sorry if I doubt the sincerity of this post being that the bigot in question owns and worn publicly a T Shirt with the caption FAG in it. He thinks is justifiable because the face of someone he didn't like was in such T Shirt.

Facts are not your friend, in this issue, Adriancito.
The truth is that you prefer to allow this to keep going on and play dumb, simply because it's easier for you.
I agree... Standing for what's morally right is sometimes hard.

It's sad to see you guys tap dance around the obvious.
One day, you'll see it.

( In case you haven't noticed, the news are starting to use such words as fascist, nazis and racist. I guess I have always been ahead of my time). :-)

However, and to close this, that is not what bothers me the most. What bothers me, is the fact that #juanito is all about deporting and sending home EVERY illegal immigrant... except if those illegals clean their houses, mow their lawns and/or play in their bands.
Those illegals... they don't say anything about. Right, Adrian? Do you know anybody that falls into that category? But wait! There's more, because they say "I don't mind immigrants. I mind them being "illegal". Well, #juanito. See if you can see beyond legality, because legality is not directly related with morality or... are you suggesting that slavery was moral, because it was legal at a certain point?
#juanito, you need to revise your thoughts. The walls of the people's common sense of morality are closing in on you. You think I'm harsh on you? Wait until your two daughters one day will come of age and ask you "Daddy, how could you support a guy who objectified women?", and then come and tell me what is harsh.

1) The reason I like Guevara is because he fought shoulder to shoulder along the 95% of the cuban population who was being oppressed by the remaining 5%, Batista supporters, like, most probably, #juanito's family (definitely his nazi wife's). Of course, their families taught them the bitter ideas of those who lost and are now enraged.
2) Of course #juanito didn't have the slightest idea who Videla was. That's because he doesn't have any idea of anything about history. And it shows

Do you see the little "laughing" icon on the bottom.
That's the "MC", Amin, finding having a nazi in his band, laughable.
When I see such idiocy, only two words come to mind: Dunning Kruger.